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Robert Haggard
created an issue

for over a month. I think it was after an update in July. I've un/re-installation. All the gui seem ok, just error message instead of music. My os is ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a 32bit Intel Core 2 CPU 6420 @ 2.13GHz x2. Error message;"Radio Error gstsouphttpsrc.c(924): gst_soup_http_src_finished_cb ():/ GstPlayBin2:player/ GstURIDecodeBin:uridecodebin9/ GstSoupHTTPSrc:source: libsoup status code 3"

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  1. Carlos Ribeiro repo owner

    Do you use a proxy to access the internet ? This kind of errors sometime appear when RT can't use the proxy. RT should pick up proxy definition from the environmental vars "http_proxy" and/or "https_proxy".

  2. Robert Haggard reporter

    I did not set one up. On the computer that RT is used the Network proxy method is "Automatic". I use CLEAR Hub Express WIXFBR-131 to connect to the internet; the CLEAR uses the 4G cellular; due to only 2 Ethernet ports on CLEAR a "DLink EBR 2310" & a "BELKIN F4G0500" are used to expand ports. The RT computer is plugged in the DLink which is at its default settings. The CLEAR has DHCP server enabled, port forwarding not configured, no DMZ set up, UPnP IGD enabled, DNS not enabled, IP passthrough disabled. I'm not 100% sure but I think this problem started while still using DSL before switching to CLEAR.

  3. Glenn Cady

    Carlos, I am unsure if you know or not. I am the Operating System Architect for Ultimate Edition Linux. A huge supporter of your software. Radio Tray is integraded with every Ultimate Edition Operating System & fires up when running it live, from version 2.6 - to the unreleased 3.6. I have "repostorm"ed your software, you will have to google that one. You have a few issues, I would like to help you rectify. Please contact me at your earliest convenience.

  4. Carlos Ribeiro repo owner

    @Robert I'm not sure how I can help debug the problem. The error is normally related to a missing proxy definition. From the libsoup documentation, that error code means SOUP_STATUS_CANT_RESOLVE_PROXY. But if you're not using a proxy, maybe it's related to how the internet connection is established on your computer.

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