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When RadioTray is playing when I suspend, it is not working when I resume.

Even switching to another stream won't work. Clicking on 'Quit' in the menu closes the application, after restarting it, it's fine.

I'm on ubuntu 13.10 with gnome running RadioTray version 0.7.3

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  1. rcspam

    +1 on ubuntu 14.04, nothing in the log... Restart or wait sometime help resolve this issue, but only sometimes... It's a real nuisance.

  2. tegru

    I too have this issue with Linux Mint 17.3 Rosa. I've only been using this app since yesterday...

    In my case the stream plays for some seconds after resume so at first I thought it was OK... GREAT actually, since my computer acted just like a real "table radio" that you can just turn off and on with your favorite radio station playing. I typically suspend my computer just before leaving home and always have it on when I'm at home, just like I would like my radio to be...

    So this bug really kills the app for me - it's not the easy-to-use, unobtrusive tray app it's supposed to be.

    Edit: Radio Tray version is 0.7.3.

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