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mario created an issue

I've been patching together a small plugin for streamtuner2, which should allow bookmarking new stations directly to RadioTray.

Which of course would require RadioTray to expose another DBUS endpoint, such as addRadio(name, url, group) or something. Which turns out, can be implemented easily via self.dataProvider.addRadio(title, url, group) in RadioTray.


I thought that could be interesting for RT users, as it would simplify collecting new radio streams.

Current version:

  • For now it just falls back to playUrl() instead. (Until .addRadio() is available.)

  • Tries to map radio genre (might be "top40 pop rock") to the default RT group names, else just bookmarks in the <group name="root">.

  • And inversely also displays RadioTray stations in Streamtuners bookmarks > radiotray. (Directly fetched from radiotray/bookmarks.xml. Another DBUS method would probably be overkill for that.)

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