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I put down Radiotray volume with mouse wheel and after I don't can get up again. It remains at vol: 5%. Only way to get back vol: 100% is editing config.xml in this way <option name="volume_level" value="1.0"/>

Then if I turn back down again volume control I get again same issue.

O.S. Ubuntu 16.04 64bits

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  1. Chris Thomas

    I have just installed a new hard drive with Linux Mint 18 - I now have the same issue. Volume is now stuck at 5% - I can turn it down to 0% and then back up again,but will not go above 5%. A reboot will not resolve the problem.

  2. Toon van der Pas

    I've been running radio tray for a number of years to great satisfaction. However, since my Gentoo Linux machine got updated from KDE4 to KDE5 Plasma, the volume control is problematic. Often I'm forced to turn up the volume to 100%, just to get a very mediocre volume output. Other clients like for instance Spotify work as expected.

  3. www.cibles.fr

    I have the same problem (Mint 18 / Cinnamon).

    I found a half solution, until the bug has been fixed :

    If the parameter is volume_increment 0.05, one can raise the volume up to 5%. So if we put volume_increment to 1, you lose control of volume, but at least we do not have to restart each change of station.

    <option name="volume_increment" value="1"/>

    With this configuration, the volume control with mouse wheel changes from 0% to 100%, and from 100% to 0%.

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