Windows Media mms streams not working in Ubuntu 16.04

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Bob Chandler
created an issue

I seem to be having some problems with Windows Media radio streams in Ubuntu 16.04 based distros. Have been installing Lubuntu 16.04 with Radiotray 0.73 on a few friends old machines (I also share my now huge bookmarks.xml file!) and also have Ubuntu MATE 16.04 on one of my own machines. Windows Media streams don't work in either scenario.

I have a laptop with Ubuntu MATE 14.04 installed and Windows Media radio streams work fine. Interestingly, I'm finding that rtmp URL's do work on my Ubuntu MATE 16.04 box which is quite nice!

Wondering if I am missing a gstreamer component, or one of the components isn't working properly. Haven't been able to nail down why 14.04 works and 16.04 doesn't.

Not that this is the end of the world, because most stations these days are either using mp3 or AAC.

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