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Add menu item that allows to copy current song name

Carlos Ribeiro
repo owner created an issue

I think it would be a good idea to add menu item that allows to copy current song name. Sometimes you want to save name of liked song. To do this you have to watch at pop-up, remember name and then type it somewhere manually. But song can accidentally finish, so sometimes you have to do all these things very fast.

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  1. Carlos Ribeiro reporter

    @cribeiro5 Isn't it better to integrate switchable logging feature with human readable output? Anyway, access to menu item is much faster for regular user than access to text file.

    P.S. Sorry for delayed reply.

  2. Carlos Ribeiro reporter

    I'm thinking of integrating that with an history feature, that would be accessible by the menu. By clicking on it, it would show a window with a text output (song and author on each line).

  3. Carlos Ribeiro reporter

    Thanks for your offer. Well, we don't have any binaries yet, but if you know how, you can check out the development branch from the mercurial repository and do some beta testing :) If you need any help, I can later send you the commands you need to issue to check out the code.

  4. Carlos Ribeiro reporter

    Replying to [comment:7 makutist]:

    Ok, got version 0.7.1, found History plug-in. 1) That's not obvious, that one has to restart radiotray to apply plug-in setup

    You're right. A notification message should appear.

    2) In plug-in window I can see only titles, but what about artist? At least with this radio: With this one both fields are present, but that's because they actually are one "title" filed.

    Again, you're right. The problem here is that it's not a thing we can control. If radio stations don't publish artist information, we can't show it.

  5. Carlos Ribeiro reporter

    I disable pop-up notification. The preferred when you click on "track description" in menu - copy it decription to clipboard. Or make "track description" selectable and copied manually. Thanks.

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