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CVF Mass Mailer

CVF Mass Mailer is a very simple plugin that help administrators to mass e-mail all users of their blog.


  • Style your email content using WordPress’s WYSISWYG Editor
  • Target Role Selection
  • Fully AJAXified
  • Responsive email template
  • Works out of the box!

How do I get set up?

  1. Download the Plugin to your computer.
  2. Navigate to your Plugins screen and click the Add New button
  3. Browse where you saved the plugin zip file
  4. Follow on-screen instructions.
  5. Click Activate to activate the plugin.

Contribution guidelines

  • ALWAYS start a new branch before making changes to the codes
  • Pull requests directly to the master branch will be ignored!
  • Internationalize all your texts, see codex: I18n for WordPress Developers
  • Use a git client, preferably Source Tree or you can use git commands from your terminal, your choice!
  • Many smaller commits are better than one large commit. Edit your file(s), if the edit does not break the code with things like syntax errors, commit. It is easier to reconcile many smaller commits than one large commit.
  • When your feature or bug fix is ready, perform a pull request and notify that your code is ready for review on Bitbucket.

Who do I talk to?

  • Repo owner or admin
  • Reach out to me via email: