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Ali Gholami Rudi  committed 7f2c062

Returning if there is not enough proposals in lucky_assist

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File README.txt

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 New Features
-* Find occurrences; ``C-c f``
-* Lucky-assist; ``M-?``
-* Setting many configs using batchset in dialogs
-* Showing the old value of a field in dialogs
-* New file/directory/module/package; ``C-x p n [fdmp]``
-* Edit project config; ``C-x p c``
-* Updating buffers with moved files after refactorings
-* Extracting similar pieces defaults to yes in extract refactorings
 Setting Up

File ropemacs/__init__.py

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             result = names[selected]
             lisputils.message('Not enough proposals!')
-            pass
+            return
         lisp.delete_region(starting_offset + 1, offset + 1)

File setup.py

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 def get_long_description():
     lines = open('README.txt').read().splitlines(False)
-    end = lines.index('Getting Started')
+    end = lines.index('Setting Up')
     return '\n' + '\n'.join(lines[:end]) + '\n'
-      version="0.3",
+      version="0.4",
       description='An emacs mode for using rope refactoring library',