TYPO3 EXT:google_authenticator

What is it good for?

Two-Factor Authentification for TYPO3-backend and frontend

  • two-factor authentification for TYPO3-backend and frontend
  • Version 0.0.0 (alpha)




  • Upload and install the extention google_authentificator
  • Set the extension settings in extension manager (enable frontend and/or backend)
googleAuthenticatorEnableBE = 1
googleAuthenticatorEnableFE = 1
  • If you have one or more secure ip addresses, you can set them. So you don't need to use the two-factor authentification
ip_addresses =
  • Include TypoScript settings in your root template
  • For FeLogin, add the following TypoScript to your setup
plugin.tx_felogin_pi1.templateFile = EXT:google_authenticator/Resources/Private/Templates/FrontendLogin/felogin.html


Go to your backend user data in list mode and select the tab "Google Authentificator" and create a secret.

  1. Install Google Authenticator on your Smartphone.
  2. Open the Google Authenticator App.
  3. Tap menu, then tap "Set up account", then tap "Scan a barcode".
  4. Your phone will now be in a "scanning" mode. When you are in this mode, scan the barcode above.

Once you have scanned the barcode, enter the 6-digit code in the login form.

Do the same on fronted users if needed!