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Ian Lynagh
Fix the type sanity test in genprimopcode's Syntax.hs
Ian Lynagh
Build random with the stage2 compiler
remove -XNoMonomorphismRestriction
add some {-# LANGUAGE BangPatterns #-} to mollify GHC
Eventlog: Put correct size for startup event
Document SPECIALISE for imported functions
Fix Trac #4498: bang-pattern bindings are monomorphic
Comments only
Fix Trac #4501: a transposition error in DynFlags
Refactoring of the way that inlinings and rules are activated
Some infrastruture for lambda-lifting
Occurrence analyser takes account of the phase when handing RULES
Add -fwarn-lazy-unlifted-bindings to the list of flags
Warn a bit less often about unlifted bindings.
Libraries bytestirng, time, binary need -fno-warn-identities
Improve documentation for -fwarn-incomplete-patterns
Add warning for probable identities (fromIntegral and friends)
Remove unncessary fromIntegral calls
Fix -fwarn-missing-import-lists (fix Trac #4489)
Deriving Typeable changes
Ensure that instance overlap errors are report properly
Ensure that unification variables alloc'd during solving are untouchable
Ian Lynagh
Fix paths used for doc publishing in the nightly builds
Ian Lynagh
Remove -Ofile docs
Ian Lynagh
Update to docbook 4.5; fixes trac #4447
Ian Lynagh
Add a build system dependency; fixes #4357
Ian Lynagh
Build system tweak: Inline DQ now it's the same on all platforms
Ian Lynagh
Fix up the ifdefs in Task.c
Use standard task ID print style (hexadecimal).
Remove use of (now-gone) VarPatOut
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