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 # CPS transform in a page (an abuse of a beautiful topic)
+## note this is pseudocode, not actual Haskell. 
 toCPStoplevel e = toCPS e TOP
-toCPS (e1 e2) k -> toCPS e1 \v1 -> toCPS e2 \v2-> v1 v2 k
+toCPS (app e1 e2) k = toCPS e1 \v1 -> 
+                        toCPS e2 \v2-> v1 v2 k
 toCPS (lam x-> e) k = k (lam x k -> toCPS e k )
-toCPS (variable)  k -> k v  
+toCPS (variable v)  k = k v  
 * when we don't augment K
 * any more arguments are put on the Stack in order
+* the Calling Convention will change slightly in GHC 7.8
 # What are those fixed registers?
 * From the SOURCE