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 Put cmsplugin-htmlsitemap into your python path::
-    pip install -e hg+https://cartwheel@bitbucket.org/cartwheel/cmsplugin-htmlsitemap#egg=cmsplugin-htmlsitemap
+    pip install -e hg+https://cartwheel@bitbucket.org/cartwheel/cmsplugin-htmlsitemap#egg=cmsplugin-htmlsitemap
+Add the plugin to your INSTALLED_APPS in settings.py::
+    ...
+    'cmsplugin_htmlsitemap',
+    ...
+    )
+To get the sitemap to display on a page:
+#. Go to the admin for the page you on which you want the sitemap to show up.
+#. Choose **HTML Sitemap Plugin** from the available plugins.
+#. Click **+ Add Plugin**
+#. Click '**Save**' in the actual plugin. You should see the message 'Plugin saved successfully.'
+#. Click **Save ** at the bottom of the django admin page.
+Your page should now show the sitemap!
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