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-== How to install ==
+-*- markdown -*-
+## How to install ##
 	1. Put the "badges" directory somewhere in your python path
 	2. Add "badges" to your installed apps (in the settings.py file)
 			(r'^badges/', include('badges.urls')),
-== How to make badges ==
+## How to make badges ##
 	Create a "meta_badges.py" file and import it at the bottom of your 
 	models.py file. This is where you will define all badge classes. Every 
 			(gold/g) to get. It	would not be very hard to change the levels to 
 			something else like numbers.
-== Signals ==
+## Signals ##
 	When a badge is awarded, a signal is fired (found in badges.signals). The 
 	"sender" keyword argument is the metaBadge you defined (Autobiographer in 
-== Manually Awarding a Badge ==
+## Manually Awarding a Badge ##
 	You can manually award a badge to a user using the "award_to" method on the
 	Badge model instance.
 	random_user = User.objects.order_by("?")[0]
 	random_badge = Badges.objects.order_by("?")[0]
-	random_badge.award_to(random_user)
+	random_badge.award_to(random_user)