mict – MI Container Carlos Rueda - MBARI

  • The repo is currently at bitbucket.org:

    $ cd yourcodedir $ git clone https://carueda@bitbucket.org/carueda/mict.git $ cd mict

  • If not already, create a virtualenv to isolate system site-packages:

    $ mkvirtualenv --no-site-packages --python=/usr/bin/python2.5 mict $ workon mict

  • Run bootstrap.py to set up buildout:

    $ python bootstrap.py

  • Run this whenever you change setup.py or buildout.cfg:

    $ bin/buildout

    Note: in case of any errors associated with required packages, try installing

    them explicitly. For example, I've seen a problem installing pyzmq under a python2.7 virtualenv in my OSX, apparently related with my zmq (under /usr/local) not being found (even though that setup.py has a directive to adddress that kind of problem). I solved it like so:

    $ C_INCLUDE_PATH=/usr/local/include easy_install-2.7 pyzmq

    Then I ran the rest of bin/buildout.

  • Run tests:

    $ bin/nosetests

  • Run simple component interaction exercising basic zmq mechanisms:

    $ scripts/basiccomps.sh

  • Run a more complete process management exercise:

    In a terminal, run the process manager: $ bin/procman -c example/config/simple_config.yml

    In another terminal, run a simple user program that makes some requests to the process manager: $ bin/python mipm/basic/components/user.py

    More details in example/README.txt.