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Issue #12 resolved

Installation Error in Ubuntu 12.4

Vanessa Gonzalez
created an issue

I am getting this error when running $ sudo sh install_biolite_ubuntu.sh

  • Extracting biolite-0.3.1.tar.gz
  • Building 3rd party software in /usr/local mv: cannot move FastQC' to/usr/local/opt/FastQC': Directory not empty

And when I try to remove that directory I get: Permission denied.

I think I may need to I uninstall biolite in Ubuntu 12.4 and re-install it from scratch, but I can't find how to uninstall biolite on the INSTALL page.

Thanks, Vanessa

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  1. Mark Howison

    Hi Vanessa,

    This is strange, because the build_3rd_party.sh should detect that fastqc is already installed. Did you remove the file /usr/local/bin/fastqc? Or did a previous install abort exactly at the point where fastqc is installed? Those are the only scenarios I can think of that would lead to your error.

    There is a section in the latest README on how to uninstall biolite itself. We don't provide support for uninstalling the 3rd party tools installed with build_3rd_party.sh. To make that easier, you could install to a PREFIX that only contains biolite (like /opt/biolite) instead of /usr/local. Then you could delete the entire /opt/biolite dir to uninstall.


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