Installation Error in Ubuntu 12.4

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Vanessa Gonzalez
created an issue

I am getting this error when running $ sudo sh

  • Extracting biolite-0.3.1.tar.gz
  • Building 3rd party software in /usr/local mv: cannot move FastQC' to/usr/local/opt/FastQC': Directory not empty

And when I try to remove that directory I get: Permission denied.

I think I may need to I uninstall biolite in Ubuntu 12.4 and re-install it from scratch, but I can't find how to uninstall biolite on the INSTALL page.

Thanks, Vanessa

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  1. Mark Howison

    Hi Vanessa,

    This is strange, because the should detect that fastqc is already installed. Did you remove the file /usr/local/bin/fastqc? Or did a previous install abort exactly at the point where fastqc is installed? Those are the only scenarios I can think of that would lead to your error.

    There is a section in the latest README on how to uninstall biolite itself. We don't provide support for uninstalling the 3rd party tools installed with To make that easier, you could install to a PREFIX that only contains biolite (like /opt/biolite) instead of /usr/local. Then you could delete the entire /opt/biolite dir to uninstall.


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