BLAST ran out of memory

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Vanessa Gonzalez
created an issue

I am running a homologize job on my big data set and I am regularly checking my tblastx.log file regularly and I am noticing that I see a bunch of these flags:

[biolite.profile] vmem=4839396 (VmPeak) [biolite.profile] mem=4570400 (VmHWM) BLAST Database error: CSeqDBAtlas::MapFile: allocation failed for 3670016 bytes.

[biolite.profile] vmem=5031452 (VmPeak) [biolite.profile] mem=4907332 (VmHWM) BLAST ran out of memory

I am running this on a 64 core machine with 500gigs of memory (i.e export BIOLITE_RESOURCES="threads=64,memory=500g"). Is this a memory issue for the machine or is this an error/bug in blast itself (ncbi-blast-2.2.27+).

Thank you, Vanessa

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