DunnHowisonZapata2013 /

#SBATCH -t 24:00:00
#SBATCH -c 16
#SBATCH --mem=55g
#SBATCH -C e5-2600


export BIOLITE_RESOURCES="database=$PWD/biolite.sqlite,agalma_database=$PWD/agalma.sqlite,outdir=$PWD/analyses,threads=16,memory=55g"

set -e

mkdir -p scratch
cd scratch

agalma sanitize --id $ID
agalma insert_size --id $ID --previous $ID
agalma remove_rrna --id $ID --previous $ID
agalma assemble --id $ID --previous $ID --skip oases_merge
agalma postassemble --id $ID --previous $ID
agalma load --id $ID --previous $ID
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