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 Using phylogenies to study character evolution. Reading: review last week's 
-- Monday, April 8. 
+- Monday, April 8. Phylogenetic analysis in R continued.
 - Wednesday, April 10. Group presentations: Matthew Leonard, Po Bhattacharyya, Samuel 
 Church present the paper 
 Kristin Stover, Lillian Hancock, and Rosalyn 
 Price-Waldman present the paper 
+[doi:10.1098/rspb.2011.2301]( Lecture: 
+populations and phylogenies. Reading: Baum and Smith Chapter 6.
 - Monday, April 15. 
 Berger present the paper
-- Monday, April 22. 
+- Monday, April 22. Lecture: Phylogenomics. 
-- Wednesday, April 24.
+- Wednesday, April 24. Lecture: Phylogenies in time. Reading: Baum and Smith Chapter 11.
 - Monday, April 29.