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 # sicb2013
+## Background
 This repository includes the source code for the analyses presented 
 at the [EDEN]( sponsored symposium ["Understanding First 
 Order Phenotypes: Transcriptomics for Emerging Model Systems"]( 
 Many thanks to [Joe Felsenstein]( 
 for helpful discussions about multivariate comparative analyses.
+## Use
+To run the simulation and analyses, execute the following shell command:
+    R CMD BATCH simulation.r
+This will regenerate the pdf file.
+## Citations
+This code implements the two regularization methods described in:
+Bickel, P. J. & Levina, E. Covariance regularization by thresholding. 
+Ann. Statist. 36, 2577–2604 (2008). [doi:10.1214/08-AOS600](
+Luo, X. High Dimensional Low Rank and Sparse Covariance Matrix Estimation via 
+Convex Minimization. (2011). [arxiv](
 ## License
 This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify

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 # Set up plotting parameters
 # Color plots
-# mycols <- tim.colors(100)
+mycols <- tim.colors(100)
 # Greyscale plots
-mycols <- gray(1:100 / 100)
+# mycols <- gray(1:100 / 100)
 mybreaks <- seq(-1, 1, length.out=101)