epson_g364_imu_driver (kinetic) - 0.0.2-0

The packages in the epson_g364_imu_driver repository were released into the kinetic distro by running /usr/bin/bloom-release --rosdistro kinetic --track kinetic epson_g364_imu_driver --edit on Wed, 30 May 2018 12:51:06 -0000

The epson_imu_driver package was released.

Version of package(s) in repository epson_g364_imu_driver: - upstream repository: - release repository: unknown - rosdistro version: null - old version: null - new version: 0.0.2-0

Versions of tools used: - bloom version: 0.5.20 - catkin_pkg version: 0.3.1 - rosdep version: 0.11.5 - rosdistro version: 0.6.2 - vcstools version: 0.1.39


What is this repository for?

  • Quick summary This code provides interface between Epson IMU G364 and ROS.

It is based on the C driver released by Epson:

How do I get use the driver?

roslaunch epson_imu_driver epson_g364.launch

This file contains parameters for configuring which data you want from the IMU, the update rate, etc. All parameters are described in the launch file.