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  1. Command-line options

1. Command-line options

Run 'mupen64plus --help' for a complete list of command-line options:

 $ mupen64plus --help
Usage: mupen64plus [parameter(s)] [romfile]

    --noosd               : disable onscreen display
    --osd                 : enable onscreen display
    --fullscreen          : use fullscreen display mode
    --windowed            : use windowed display mode
    --resolution (res)    : display resolution (640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, etc)
    --nospeedlimit        : disable core speed limiter (should be used with dummy audio plugin)
    --cheats (cheat-spec) : enable or list cheat codes for the given rom file
    --corelib (filepath)  : use core library (filepath) (can be only filename or full path)
    --configdir (dir)     : force configation directory to (dir); should contain mupen64plus.conf
    --datadir (dir)       : search for shared data files (.ini files, languages, etc) in (dir)
    --plugindir (dir)     : search for plugins in (dir)
    --sshotdir (dir)      : set screenshot directory to (dir)
    --gfx (plugin-spec)   : use gfx plugin given by (plugin-spec)
    --audio (plugin-spec) : use audio plugin given by (plugin-spec)
    --input (plugin-spec) : use input plugin given by (plugin-spec)
    --rsp (plugin-spec)   : use rsp plugin given by (plugin-spec)
    --emumode (mode)      : set emu mode to: 0=Pure Interpreter 1=Interpreter 2=DynaRec
    --testshots (list)    : take screenshots at frames given in comma-separated (list), then quit
    --set (param-spec)    : set a configuration variable, format: ParamSection[ParamName]=Value
    --core-compare-send   : use the Core Comparison debugging feature, in data sending mode
    --core-compare-recv   : use the Core Comparison debugging feature, in data receiving mode
    --nosaveoptions       : do not save the given command-line options in configuration file
    --verbose             : print lots of information
    --help                : see this help message

    (pluginname)          : filename (without path) of plugin to find in plugin directory
    (pluginpath)          : full path and filename of plugin
    'dummy'               : use dummy plugin

    'list'                : show all of the available cheat codes
    'all'                 : enable all of the available cheat codes
    (codelist)            : a comma-separated list of cheat code numbers to enable,
                            with dashes to use code variables (ex 1-2 to use cheat 1 option 2)