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How to use high resolution textures in Rice Video 6.1.0 and after

1. There are two new options added in Rice Video version 6.1.0 under the "Texture Filters" tab
   LOAD option: "Loading hi-res textures if available"
   DUMP option: "Dump textures to files"

2. Dumping textures
   a. If DUMP option is enabled, all textures used during the game play will be dumpped 
      into a folder "[your_emulator_main_folder]\plugin\texture_dump\[current game name]\". 

      [current game name] refers to N64 game internal name.
      For example, name for Zelda OoT is "THE LEGEND OF ZELDA". 
      You can use your N64 emulator to check it. For 1964, the internal name is shown
      as one of the "Rom Information".

   b. Textures from different games will be dumpped into different folders. 
      The plugin will create the folder if the folder does not exist.

   c. Textures are dumpped in either PNG or BMP format
      - RGBA, IA (intensity and alpha) textures are dumpped in 3 (or 2) files
    [filename part 1 - 4]_all.png
        [filename part 1 - 4]_rgb.png
    [filename part 1 - 4]_a.png if the alpha channel is not all 0xFF

        Please read the later section regarding filenameing.
        *_all.png files are 32bit per pixel PNG files with RGBA channels
        *_rgb.png files are 24bit per pixel PNG files with RGB channels.
        *_a.png files are 24bit per pixel PNG files with alpha channel only as intensity.

      - I (intensity only) textures are dumpped in 2 files, the alpha channel is not needed
        [filename part 1 - 4]_rgb.png
    [filename part 1 - 4]_all.png

      - Color indexed textures are dumpped in 1 file
        [filename part 1 - 4]_ci.bmp
        ATTENTION here: the color indexed bmp image is palletted image. If you want to modify
                        this image, you MUST NOT change the pallettes.
        These palletted BMP files could have either 16 pallettes or 256 pallettes, depending
        on the original texture format in the N64 game.

   d. texture dump option can be enabled/disabled during the game play.

   e. The plugin keeps tracking all dumpped textures of the current game. Textures
      will not be redumpped if the texture has been dumpped.

3. Loading high resolution textures
   a. If LOAD option is enabled, the plugin will try to load it when corresponding texture is used
      in the game.

   b. LOAD option can be enabled/disabled during the game play

   c. All high resolution textures must be placed under folder:
      "[your_emulator_main_folder]\plugin\hires_texture\[current game name]\"

   d. [current game name] must match the N64 game internal name

   e. Under the [current game name] folder, subfolders can be created and textures can be placed
      into the subfolders. The plugin will search all the subfolders recursively. Subfolders can help
      to manage all the textures.

   f. File files and format:
      In general, high resolution files to be loaded must follow the same filenames as dumpped.

      - Color indexed textures must be still in palletted BMP format
      - For RGBA, IA and I textures, you can provide
            *_rgb.png, *_a.png   or
            *_rgb.bmp, *_a.bmp   or
      - Don't provide duplicate files for the same textures. If you provide the *_rgb, *_a files
        and also *_all.png file, the actually loaded files are not determined.

4. File naming

   Example: THE LEGEND OF ZELDA#0A74F78C#4#1_rgb.png

    [part 1]#[part 2]#[part 3]#[part 4]_[part 5].[extension]

    part 1: The N64 game internal name
    part 2: CRC32
    part 3: Texture format in N64 game
        0 = RGBA
        1 = YUV
        2 = CI
        3 = IA
        4 = I
    part 4: Texture size in N64 game
        0 = 4 bit
        1 = 8 bit
        2 = 16 bit
        3 = 32 bit
    part 5: dumpped texture format
        rgb = 24 bit RGB format
        a   = 24 bit alpha channel only in 24 bit RGB intensity
        all = 32 bit RGB format
        ci  = color indexed (BMP) format

5. How to make your own hi-rez textures
   a. The hi-rez texture size could be 2, 3 or 4 times as the orginal N64 texture size
   b. Don't use other customerized texture sizes
   c. If the original texture has alpha channel, you MUST also provide the alpha channel by
      - Use *_all.png 32bit format
      - use both *_rgb and *_a files to provide RGB and alpha separately
   d. Color indexed textures must be prepared in color indexed format, not in RGB/A format
   e. Instead of *_rgb.png and *_a.png, you can provide your textures in *_rgb.bmp and *_a.bmp.
      BMP files are uncompressed, can be loaded faster
   f. *_rgb.png, *_a.png, *_rgb.bmp, *_a.bmp must be provided in 24 bit RGB format, not in other
      formats. Alpha *_a.* files must be 24 bit, only in 2 bit or 8 bit
   g. Filename must be kept the same as the original dumped texture filenames