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Configuration Mania / FRF

Frequency Requested Features

I want a new pref!

Would you create a new "issue" on this bitbucket site.

I want you to write following information:

  1. The pref name (e.g. keyword.enabled); and
  2. Short description text (e.g. "Enable Internet Keywords") or web page (e.g. )

Export/Import settings

Copying the pref.js file directly is simple of solution. (Exiting Firefox is required.)

To export, follow these steps:

  1. Open your profile folder(*).
  2. Close all Firefox windows. (Quit Firefox.)
  3. Copy pref.js to any other folder.

To import, follow these steps:

  1. Close all Firefox windows. (Quit Firefox.)
  2. Copy backup copy pref.js to your profile folder(*).

(*) The profile folder is:

Win 2k/XP%APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\XXXX.XXX\

But, it's easier to jump about:support and click the "Open Containing Folder" button.

For details, see issue #26 and

Another solution is to use addon, FEBE .


I do not accept specific-theme-support requests.

If you are a theme author, would you modify your theme xpi as follows?

  1. append a line "skin confmania theme_name chrome/skin/confmania/" to the chrome.manifest.
  2. add chrome/skin/confmania/preferences.css, which is for configuration mania's dialog.

See also issue #47.

Shortcut key to open Configuration Mania

Use keyconfig addon as follows:

  1. Go to drando's site to install keyconfig addon.
  2. Restart Firefox to enable the addon.
  3. Click "Firefox button"->"Add-ons" to open the Add-on Manager.
  4. Click "Preferences" button on "keyconfig", and then open Keyconfig configuration dialog.
  5. Click the "Add a new key" button.
  6. Enter key_ConfigurationMania in the "Name" field.
  7. In the "/* CODE */" area, paste:
  8. Click "OK" button.
  9. Select the new key command in the list.
  10. Click the textarea to the left of the "Apply", "Disable" and "Reset" buttons.
  11. Hit the key combination you want to use in the textarea. (e.g. Ctrl+M)
  12. Click "Apply" button.
  13. Click "Close" button.

I have a great idea ...

(In many cases,) I don't think so.