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justin 1c37b76 

Ryan Tilder 0b9fd28 
Ryan Tilder 6f38451 

justin 1c37b76 
#!/usr/bin/env bash
# ./ <clustername> <cookie> <ip> <port> <dumpfilename>
# This will:
#  Join riak cluster <clustername> using erlcookie <cookie>
#  via the node listening at <ip>:<port>
#  and dump the entire cluster's contents to <dumpfilename>
if [ $# -lt 5 ]; then
    echo Usage: 1>&2
    echo "    `basename $0` <clustername> <cookie> <ip in ring> " 1>&2
    echo "                  <doorbell port> <filename to save dump to>" 1>&2
    exit 1
erl -noshell -pa deps/*/ebin -pa ebin -name backup_dumper -run riak_backup dump_config $1 $2 -run riak start -run riak_backup do_dump $3 $4 $5 -run init stop
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