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debug-join script

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+#!/usr/bin/env bash
+# debug-join <configfile> <ip> <port>
+# join an existing riak ring via a node known to be listening on ip:port
+# run in interactive debug shell mode
+. riak-env.sh
+NODENAME=$(erl -noshell -pa ebin -eval "error_logger:tty(false), riak_app:read_config(\"$1\"), io:format(\"~p~n\",[riak:get_app_env(riak_nodename)])" -run init stop)
+RHOSTNAME=$(erl -noshell -pa ebin -eval "error_logger:tty(false), riak_app:read_config(\"$1\"), io:format(\"~s~n\",[riak:get_app_env(riak_hostname)])" -run init stop)
+if [ "$NODENAME" = "no_riak_nodename_undefined" ]; then
+    echo "riak_nodename not set in config file, cannot start";
+    exec erl -connect_all false -pa deps/*/ebin -pa ebin -name ${NODENAME}@${RHOSTNAME} -run riak start $1 -run riak_startup join_cluster $2 $3