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# -*- coding:utf-8 -*-
# This Python file uses the following encoding: utf-8

import django
import sys

VERSION = (0,5,4,2)
RELEASE_DJANGO = ((1,2),(1,3))
PYTHON = (2,4)
VERSION_str = str(VERSION).strip('()').replace(',','.').replace(' ','')
Version: %s
Modification date: 03.08.2011


-   Canges in - READM will now alsow be installed. Now if a package
            is installed than help(dynamicLink) outputs the README.
- 0.5.4     Bugfix: Installation failed on Windows in spite of "/" on the end
            of recursive-include in MANIFEST. 
            Now canged from "recursive-include folder/ *" to "recursive-include folder *"
- 0.5.3     New stable release with updated readme.
-   structure of repository changed - src folder removed so readme is
            on the toplevel
-   In templates sentences changed.
- 0.5.2     stable - general django dependences in setup removed
- 0.5.1     new stable
-   some text in templates changed
-   correct readme and example
- 0.5.0     some changes - stable release
-   install_requires in modified
-   old data removed
-   dl_settings removed
-   Readme updatet
- 0.4.9     Testet with Django 1.2 u. 1.3
-   Some small changes
-   Some small changes
- 0.4.8     Runs now under Django 1.3
- 0.4.7   - Preesettings can now be overwrite in the in the project
            folder, or directly in the global, or in a file
            called in the same directory as
            - django-dynamic-link now runs with python below version 2.6
- 0.4.6 -   changes in to avoid to install the example project.
- 0.4.5 -   Small adjustments at the example project.
- 0.4.4 -   1. Because of incomplete the last distributed package
            does't contained temples and language files.
            2. Readme updated.
            3. Example project added.
- 0.4.3 -   ImportError in solved.
- 0.4.2 - createtd. Now listed in pypi.
- 0.4.1 -   Remove small bug with links created with the action menu.

    - write more unittests
""" % (VERSION_str,)
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