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 * Make sure 'django.contrib.redirects.middleware.RedirectFallbackMiddleware', is added to your middleware settings.
 * Add following to your urls: 1. from dynamicLink import dl_settings 2. (r'^%s/' % dl_settings.DOWNLINK_SERVE_PATH, include('dynamicLink.urls')),
 * Run python manage.py syncdb
+* For options review your dl_setting.py
+* May add a PROJECT_DIRECTORY_PATH (the upper level of your project) ro your project settings file. This could make your app more flexible.
 === Usage ===
 Open the admin interface and go to dynamicLinks section. The rest should be self-explanatory
 * Zero value for clicks means unlimited clicks.
 * If links never expires you can use it for click counting.
 * Trough the action menu you can serve a site link with several links.
 *The suffixes from the created links are only for human readability. You can delete or change this suffixes in any way you want.