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 === Application ===
 A Django file streaming application to provide download links without showing the real path to the served file. The links can be set to expire by date or by clicks. It is also possible to use it for counting clicks on a download link.
+See also
 === Features ===
 * Optional link expires by time
 * Optional link expires by clicks
 ===== Dependences =====
 * Only this app
 * Django itself and its redirects from django contrib
+===== Installation =====
+    ======Manual Installation======
+        * Download the file and unzip it.
+        * Copy the folder in your project root.
+    ======Installation with pip======
+        * Typing in your Terminal: pip install django-dynamic-link
 ===== Setup =====
-* Get the file and unzip it: [[/catapela/dynamic-link/downloads?highlight=12378|=> Go to download site]]
-* Copy the folder in your project root.
 * Add the "dynamicLink" to you installed apps in the settings file.
 * Make sure 'django.contrib.redirects.middleware.RedirectFallbackMiddleware', is added to your middleware settings.
 * Add following to your urls: 1. from dynamicLink import dl_settings 2. (r'^%s/' % dl_settings.DOWNLINK_SERVE_PATH, include('dynamicLink.urls')),
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