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 * Copy the folder in your project root.
 * add the "dynamicLink" to you installed apps in the settings file.
 * make sure 'django.contrib.redirects.middleware.RedirectFallbackMiddleware', is added to your middleware settings.
+* Add following to your urls: 1. from dynamicLink import dl_settings 2. (r'^%s/' % dl_settings.DOWNLINK_SERVE_PATH, include('dynamicLink.urls')),
 * run python syncdb
-===== What next =====
-That's all! (open the admin and the rest should be self-explanatory)
+=== Usage ===
+Open the admin interface and go to dynamicLinks section. The rest should be self-explanatory
+===== Hints =====
+* Zero value for link age means never expires.
+* Zero value for clicks means unlimited clicks.