Cat's Eye Technologies


(WIP) toolshelf is a "package manager" which doesn't actually install any files. Instead, it stores the source trees of sundry packages in a single directory, and manages your search paths to include the relevant subdirectories of those trees. [MIT license]


"We don't drink yaedit here... we drink tideay." An experimental-ish fork of which may (or may not) suit my personal editing style (and probably won't suit yours) and aims to keep my development environment neat and... tideay (ugh.) [GPL]


(WIP) A very low-level programming language, similar to 6502 assembly, with block structure and static analysis through abstract interpretation. [BSD license]


Like yoob, except in Javascript/HTML5.


An attempt to catalogue and curate the products of, and things related to, Cat's Eye Technologies. [Freely Redistributable]


The Dipple is where code goes when its home planet has been destroyed. You'll meet a range of characters here, from the banal to the exceptional to the shrouded-in-mystery. Categorized by language. With apologies to Andre Norton. [Public Domain unless otherwise specified]


Mascarpone is a self-modifying language able to alter the meta-circular interpreter which defines it, like its predecessor Emmental. Unlike Emmental however, in Mascarpone interpreters are first-class objects, making the job of reflective interpreter-modification quite a bit cleaner and richer. [BSD license]


The collected dotfiles of Vincent Price and Ambrose Bierce.



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