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+Cat's Eye Technologies' C64 Demo Depot
+This repository contains various Commodore 64 projects and experiments which
+seemed too small to warrant their own repos.  By "demo" we mean anything
+generally illustrative about programming the Commodore 64 -- we don't have
+any of those real "scener" demos with the scrolling-text and music and
+"greets" here yet (although we might someday, it doesn't exclude that.)
+Each subdirectory contains a different demo.  Each demo has its own
+README and its own licensing.
+The subdirectories are currently:
+*   `ribos` -- a well-commented example of a C64 raster interrupt routine.
+    Written with the P65 assembler (now Ophis).  BSD licensed.
+*   `petulant` -- "The PETulant Cursor", a tiny (44 bytes) "display hack".
+    Originally written in the late 80's.  Rewritten with the P65 assembler
+    (now Ophis) and re-released April 1, 2008 (a hint as to its nature).
+    Public domain.
+The file `empty.s` in the root directory only serves to trick Github into
+displaying the language of the repository as "Assembly".
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