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Cat's Eye Technologies' C64 Demo Depot

This repository contains various Commodore 64 projects and experiments which seemed too small to warrant their own repos. By "demo" we mean anything generally illustrative about programming the Commodore 64 -- we don't have any of those real "scener" demos with the scrolling-text and music and "greets" here yet (although we might someday, it doesn't exclude that.)

Each subdirectory contains a different demo. Each demo has its own README and its own licensing.

The subdirectories are currently:

  • ribos -- a well-commented example of a C64 raster interrupt routine. Written with the P65 assembler (now Ophis). BSD licensed.
  • petulant -- "The PETulant Cursor", a tiny (44 bytes) "display hack". Originally written in the late 80's. Rewritten with the P65 assembler (now Ophis) and re-released April 1, 2008 (a hint as to its nature). Public domain.

The file empty.s in the root directory only serves to trick Github into displaying the language of the repository as "Assembly".

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