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Castile / TODO.markdown


Don't output final value. Command-line arguments passed to main. (sysmain?)

Name mangling for compilers (prepend with _ most likely.)

Tests for unions of unions.

Tests for multiple occurrences of same type in a union.


Struct equality in Javascript, stackmac backends.

Figure out a way to do input, read, and write with node.js backend.

Implement int, str, chr, ord for Ruby, Javascript, stackmac.

TaggedValue -> just a tuple.

stackmac: store tagged values as two values on the stack. and void types in unions of (void, X) should only be one value. (structs are still boxed though)

AST nodes should have source line numbers, it would be really nice.

C backend. Other backends (Python? Java? CIL? Scheme?)



  • Allow var x anywhere, and lift to front of function.
  • Allow x = expr to stand for var x = expr, if it's first. But beware the Lua/Python war on "explicit local".
  • Should we have automatic promotion (value tagging?) Since it causes an operation, I think it should be explicit, but the explicit syntax could be more lightweight.
  • Lua-esque : operator: a:b(c) -> a.b(a, c)

Type promotion with higher precedence? So that it can be used at toplevel.

Should there be closures as well as function values?

Should there be an expression form of if?

Should there be an expression form of =? (:=?)

Should a block be a valid statement, with block scope? (Meaningless if all variables must be declared at start of function, as is the case right now.)