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Announce release of version 0.9 of Falderal.

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+'Release of Falderal version 0.9 "Navy Pier"':
+  type: Article
+  article-type: announcement
+  publication-date: Tue, 29 Oct 2013 20:22:36 GMT
+  blurb: |
+    [[Falderal]] version 0.8 "Navy Pier" has been released.
+  description: |
+    Well, that was quick — well, we were on a roll (whoa, déjà vu.)
+    [[Falderal]] 0.9 introduces one major new feature —
+    the ability to supply input to a test.  Typically, the test body
+    would be considered the program (in some language) being tested,
+    and the input would be sent to the standard input of the language
+    interpreter (or whatever) to ensure that that program reacts the
+    way you expect it to, given that input.
+    There are also a number of cleanups and minor improvements in
+    `py-falderal`, including warning you if there are no tests to
+    be run, or if it has run the same tests multiple times.  It will
+    also produce partial test results if you break it with `^C` in
+    the middle of a long test run.
 'Release of Falderal version 0.8 "Ukrainian Village"':
   type: Article
   article-type: announcement

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   - version: "0.8"
     revision: "2013.1026"
     url: http://catseye.tc/distfiles/falderal-0.8-2013.1026.zip
+  - version: "0.9"
+    revision: "2013.1029"
+    url: http://catseye.tc/distfiles/falderal-0.9-2013.1029.zip