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Support `hidden` property on nodes.

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 *   `commentary` -- a subjective opinion, by Chris Pressey, of the node
 *   `subtitle` -- expanding on the name of the node
 *   `acronym-for` -- expanding the name of the node
+*   `hidden` -- if true, does not show up in `related()` lists
 *   ...
 Each node can have a `domain`, which influences how breadcrumbs are
 "Console: Virtual" is an implementation "contained in" the
 Corona: Realm of Magic distribution.  This is a little weird.
+Make commentary and links into blocks so they can be overridden.


             objects = []
             for thing in
+                if[thing].get('hidden', False):
+                    continue
                 rel =[thing].get(relationship, None)
                 if rel is None:
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