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News dates are real dates.

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File TODO.markdown

 News template, with news items inline, sorted by date, and
 with anchors, that the links in the feed match up with.
-News archive.  (Could be the News Item index, sorted by date.)
-News dates should be real date objects, so we can sort by them.
+News page: same as the News Item index, but sorted by date.
 Render images.  (LED-386, Mildred, games...)

File src/chrysoberyl/

 # encoding: UTF-8
+from datetime import datetime
 import re
               assert node['inception-date'] != 'Unknown'
               node['inception-date'] = ApproximateDate(str(node['inception-date']))
       except Exception:
-          print "'%s' has bad date '%s'" % (key, node['inception-date'])
+          print "'%s' has bad inception-date '%s'" % (key, node['inception-date'])
+          raise
+      try:
+          if 'news-date' in node:
+              assert node['news-date'] != 'Unknown'
+              node['news-date'] = datetime.strptime(
+                  str(node['news-date']), '%a, %d %b %Y %H:%M:%S GMT'
+              )
+      except Exception:
+          print "'%s' has bad news-date '%s'" % (key, node['news-date'])
       check_optional_scalar_ref(data, key, node, 'domain')
       check_optional_list_ref(data, key, node, 'see-also')