Chrysoberyl / data / databases.yaml

# encoding: UTF-8
  type: Database
  reference-distribution: Chrysoberyl distribution
  description: |
    _Chrysoberyl_ is an attempt to catalogue and curate all things
    produced by, and related to, [[Cat's Eye Technologies]],
    largely revolving around [[Chris Pressey]]'s
    [[Chris Pressey's Lingography|programming languages]],
    [[Tools by Chris Pressey|tools]],
    [[Games by Chris Pressey|games]], and [[Music by What is this I don't even|music]].
    It is sort of a cross between a wiki and a semantic web and
    _[[The Devil's Dictionary]]_.
  commentary: |
    The grammar and diction of Chrysoberyl's auto-generated
    descriptions might not be so hot at times; please cut it some slack in this regard.

Chrysoberyl distribution: 
  type: Distribution
  github: catseye/Chrysoberyl
  bitbucket: catseye/chrysoberyl
  issue-tracker: github
  releases: []
  skip-docs: true

The Dipple: 
  type: Distribution
  github: catseye/Dipple
  bitbucket: catseye/dipple
  issue-tracker: github
  description: |
    The Dipple is where code goes when its home planet has been
    destroyed.  With apologies to [[Andre Norton]].
  releases: []
  # hmmm.
  - noise
  # and others
  skip-docs: true