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# encoding: UTF-8
Chris Pressey:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Chris Pressey
  domain: Cat's Eye Technologies
  description: |
    Hi, I'm Chris Pressey, and I'm a programming language composer.
    You can *too* be a programming language composer!
    [[Frank Zappa]] [says so!](http://theshermanfoundation.blogspot.ca/2006/07/art-school-at-sherman-foundation-frank.html)
    In truth, I used to be a regular composer — that is, a composer of
    [[Musical Composition|music]] — but I decided that, if I was going to be unappreciated,
    I might as well be unappreciated by a much, much smaller audience.
    (Anyone can listen to music.  Not so many people can program.)
    When I'm not composing programming languages, sometimes I compose
    the occasional retrogame.
  old-homepage: |
    Hello! I'm Chris Pressey. [I design programming
    languages](retrospective.html). [Lots of 'em](lingography.html).
    Unfortunately, there's no money in that, so to support my
    three-times-a-day "food" habit I have a day job as a ~~computer
    programmer~~ ~~systems analyst~~ ~~software developer~~ ~~software
    engineer~~ ~~bit rassler~~ ~~cyborg babysitter~~ cable layer in a
    Tinkertoy warehouse.
    In addition to languages, I also [write the occasional computer
    I'm also active in [open-source](/about/opensource.html) development
    (time permitting, of course.) Apart from all the [BSD
    licensed](/projects/bsdl.html) projects at Cat's Eye Technologies, I've
    also contributed to [The BSD Installer](http://www.bsdinstaller.org/),
    [FreeBSD](http://www.freebsd.org/) (ports),
    [Perl](http://www.perl.com/), [Erlang](http://www.erlang.org/),
    [Ruby](http://www.ruby-lang.org/), and [VICE](http://www.viceteam.org/).
    Things I Like
    -   programming languages (especially [esolangs](../about/esolang.html),
        continuations, [reflection](../projects/refl.html), and abstract
    -   [theory of computation](../projects/theory.html) (computability,
        [universality](../about/universality.html), termination,
    -   axiomatic mathematics (abstract algebra, topology, sometimes even
        (*gakk*) category theory)
    -   8-bit computers ([Commodore 64](../projects/cbm.html), Apple ][,
        Sinclair ZX81)
    -   arcade and video games (too many to list here, so they have [their
        own page](vids.html))
    -   [adventure games](adventure-games.html) (nowadays known as
        "interactive fiction")
    -   [electronics](../projects/elec.html)
    -   music composition
    -   hiking
    Things I Could Do Without
    -   [C++](../about/cplusplus.html)
    -   headlong rushes to reduce language research to formal semantics and
        type theory
    -   humourless mathematicians, power-tripping academics, and other lost
    -   pedlars of profundity (Penrose, Wolfram, Hofstadter...)
    7-zip (windows)
    cutepdf (windows)
    cygwin (windows)
    filezilla (windows)
    putty (windows)
    winamp (windows)
    winscp (windows)

  - Chris Pressey's Lingography
  - LoUIE
  - "Retrospective: Chris Pressey on Language Design"
  - Tools by Chris Pressey
  - Games by Chris Pressey
  - Chris Pressey's Favourite Video Games
  - Chris Pressey's Favourite Text Adventures
  - Chris Pressey's Favourite Other Computer Games
  - Music by What is this I don't even

# esolangers
John Colagioia:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: John Colagioia
Ben Olmstead:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Ben Olmstead
  description: |
    Ben Olmstead co-authored [[Wierd]] with [[Chris Pressey]] and [[John Colagioia]],
    as well as advised on the implementation of [[Shelta]].
    Also, Chris met him in person once, in Seattle, WA.
  type: Individual
  esowiki: 'User:Zzo38'
  commentary: |
    zzo38 is actually a minor diety presently stuck on Earth
    due to a malfunctioning rainbow.
    Sources suggest that zzo38's Earth name is Aaron Black, and that his True Name was
    revealed to him by an
    [enchanted pillowcase](http://zzo38computer.org/chrono/zzo38/1193887877).
    I believe zzo38 is the only individual I know who has their own
    [entry in urbandictionary](http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=zzo38).
  type: Individual
  esowiki: 'User:Marinus'
Phantom Hoover:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: 'User:Phantom_Hoover'
Nikita Ayzikovsky:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Nikita Ayzikovsky
  description: |
    Nikita designed [[Smallfuck]], which [[Cat's Eye Technologies]] has implemented.
    Also, [[Chris Pressey]] met him in person once, in Vancouver, BC.
  type: Individual
  esowiki: User:Ais523
  commentary: |
    Sources suggest ais523's real name is Alex Smith, but that he prefers to go by
    ais523 because it is much easier to pronounce.
Matthew Westcott:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Matthew Westcott
Niels Serup:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: 'User:Nqpz'
David Chipping:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: David Chipping
Urban Müller:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Urban Müller
Wouter van Oortmerssen:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Wouter van Oortmerssen
Jeffry Johnston:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Jeffry Johnston
Ryan Kusnery:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Ryan Kusnery
Frédéric van der Plancke:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Frédéric_van_der_Plancke
Michael C. Martin:
  type: Individual
Gregor Richards:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Gregor Richards
  description: |
    Gregor designed [[2L]], which [[Cat's Eye Technologies]] has implemented,
    and provided the loophole-finding impetus behind [[Eightebed]].
  type: Individual
  description: |
    Alise mistyped "enlightened" as "eightebed" in chat, leading
    [[Cat's Eye Technologies]] to use it as the name of the
    [[Esolang|esoteric programming language]] [[Eightebed]].
Curtis Coleman:
  type: Individual
  description: |
    Curtis mistyped "before" as "befunge" in chat, leading
    [[Cat's Eye Technologies]] to use it as the name of the
    [[Esolang|esoteric programming language]] [[Befunge-93]].
Brian Connors:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Brian Connors
Catatonic Porpoise:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Catatonic Porpoise
Daniel Brockman:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Daniel Brockman
Francis Rogers:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Francis Rogers
Tslil Clingman:
  type: Individual
  esowiki: Tslil Clingman
Milo van Handel:
  type: Individual
Andrew Turley:
  type: Individual
Steven Goodwin:
  type: Individual

# other programming language designers
# (let's start from the beginning, I suppose)
Konrad Zuse:
  type: Individual

# game authors
Gregory Yob:
  type: Individual
  description: |
    Gregory Yob invented the classic game [[Hunt the Wumpus]], which
    [[Cat's Eye Technologies]] has implemented several times, and on which
    [[Super Wumpus Land]] was based.
John S. James:
  type: Individual
  description: |
    John S. James invented the classic game [[Flip]], which
    [[Cat's Eye Technologies]] has implemented.
Jeff Minter:
  type: Individual

# book authors
Andre Norton:
  type: Individual
Jenny Tyler:
  type: Individual
Les Howarth:
  type: Individual
Daniel Isaaman:
  type: Individual
Douglas Hofstadter:
  type: Individual
Stephen Wolfram:
  type: Individual
Alfred V. Aho:
  type: Individual
Ravi Sethi:
  type: Individual
Jeffrey D. Ullman:
  type: Individual
Thomas H. Cormen:
  type: Individual
Charles E. Leiserson:
  type: Individual
Ronald L. Rivest:
  type: Individual
Clifford Stein:
  type: Individual
Howard Levine:
  type: Individual
Howard Rheingold:
  type: Individual
Richard P. Gabriel:
  type: Individual
Lynn Arthur Steen:
  type: Individual
J. Arthur Seebach Jr.:
  type: Individual
Marvin Minsky:
  type: Individual
Frank Zappa:
  type: Individual
Peter Occhiogrosso:
  type: Individual
Neill Graham:
  type: Individual
Mark Sawusch:
  type: Individual
Tan Summers:
  type: Individual
Ambrose Bierce:
  type: Individual
  wikipedia: Ambrose Bierce
Walter Brainerd:
  type: Individual
Lawrence Landweber:
  type: Individual

# other notable people
  type: Individual
Rube Goldberg:
  type: Individual
  wikipedia: Rube Goldberg
  - W. Heath Robinson
W. Heath Robinson:
  type: Individual
  wikipedia: W. Heath Robinson
  - Rube Goldberg