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Chrysoberyl / data / organizations.yaml

# encoding: UTF-8
"Cat's Eye Technologies":
  type: Organization
  domain: Chrysoberyl
  description: |
    Cat's Eye Technologies is an independent [[Esolang|esoteric programming language]]
    concern run by [[Chris Pressey]].
    It was established in 1995 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, originally
    as a custom software development and consulting outfit, serving several
    local clients.
    As the years passed and Chris moved around the world and became more
    and more involved in programming language issues, Cat's Eye
    Technologies became less and less of a software consulting firm and
    more and more of a... a what?  Whatever the hell it is now.
    A sponsoring organization for experimental programming language
    An aegis for the curation, and appreciation, of programming languages
    as art.  Especially weird ones.
    An excuse to refer to ourselves with a plural pronoun.
    We'd call it a brand, but we'd feel awfully dirty afterwards.
    We believe that, in an environment of rapidly changing requirements,
    *maintainability of source code* has the greatest effect on software
    quality, and that choice of [[Programming Language|programming language]]  profoundly
    affects maintainability.
    That is our official excuse for being interested in experimental
    programming languages.  The real reason is perhaps more frivolous.
    We also believe that [[Open-source|open-source]]
    software has an important civic and didactic role in modern society. For
    this reason, many of our software projects have been placed under
    permissive and [OSI Certified](http://www.opensource.org/docs/certification_mark.php)
    licenses such as the [[BSD license]], and made available for public
    download from [[catseye.tc]].

"What is this I don't even":
  subtitle: Oh god how did this get here I am not good with synthesizer
  type: Organization
  domain: Chrysoberyl
  description: |
    _What is this I don't even: Oh god how did this get here I am not good
    with synthesizer_ is the working title for Chris Pressey's ongoing musical
    composition project.  Its approach is summarized as:
    > Science-fiction video game electro funk jazz fusion and experimental techno
    > wtf dance/pop occasionally-classical world-beat non-music that will never
    > kick any ass. None at all. Sorry.
  commentary: |
    I've long had [[Cat's Eye Technologies]] as the name for my software-as-art
    project, but never really had a name under which my music could be released.
    If it seems a bit cheap to co-opt Internet memes for this purpose,
    well, probably it is, but I really can't think of anything else that suits the general
    wtf-ness of this stuff so well.  Plus there's some irony in the fact that almost all
    of this music was written before those memes existed.  It's not entirely a working
    title, but expect some retrocon chaos and churn here, as I'm not sure exactly
    what pieces of music (or other media) are released under this umbrella and
    what aren't, yet.
  - Music by What is this I don't even

Befunge Mailing List Working Group:
  type: Organization

Star Building Materials:
  type: Organization

Commodore Business Machines:
  type: Organization