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+The Circute Cellular Automaton
+*Note: parts of this readme were cribbed from the
+[wiki entry for Circute](, which is in the
+public domain.*
+**Circute** is a two-dimensional five-state cellular automaton.  It was
+designed by Chris Pressey in 2005 as a test of the so-called "wire-crossing
+problem".  It is similar in some respects to WireWorld, but attempts to act
+more like an actual digital electronic circuit, providing as its basic
+mechanism the only logic gate you ever really need, the NAND gate.
+*   ` ` - blank. Never changes.
+*   `=` - wire. Sparks pass through.
+*   `-` - tail. Used to make sparks act more like snakes.
+*   `#` - spark. These spread across wires.
+*   `N` - NAND gate. Never changes itself, but if there's a free wire
+          directly along the left or the right, send a message along any
+          wire directly above or below. 
+Circute has a simple description written in ALPACA.  This distribution
+contains both that description, and a Perl script compiled from it which
+animates the cellular automaton.