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catseye  committed 14a51fe

Gold more plentiful the deeper you go; larger dungeon; FRE(0)=236.

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-*   Gold should be more plentiful on deeper levels
 *   Experience level should increase your ability to hit/damage?
-*   Ensure rooms can actually extend to the bottom and right of map
 *   Announce gold or health potion picked up

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 rem hero can (and does) move
 500 x=hx:y=hy:gosub5:ifc=19thengosub700:goto400
-520 ifc=28thenau=au+fnr(20)+1:c=32
+520 ifc=28thenau=au+int(fnr(20)*(1+(dl/5)))+1:c=32
 530 ifc=65thenpt=pt+1:c=32
 540 ifc=233thendl=dl+1:gosub7000:goto10
 550 ifc=102thengosub6000:goto500
 7100 fori=0to4
 7110 r%(i,2)=fnr(3)*2+2:r%(i,3)=fnr(3)*2+2
-7120 r%(i,0)=fnr((20-r%(i,2))/2)*2+1
-7125 r%(i,1)=fnr((20-r%(i,3))/2)*2+1
+7120 r%(i,0)=fnr((22-r%(i,2))/2)*2+1
+7125 r%(i,1)=fnr((22-r%(i,3))/2)*2+1
 rem ... if this is the first room, no checking or tunnel is needed.