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 Dungeons of Ekileugor
+Version 1.0
 _Dungeons of Ekileugor_ is a little roguelike game for the **unexpanded**
 Commodore VIC-20.  Despite the limitations of this architecture, it supports
 a respectable subset of the usual "dungeon furniture":
 *   experience points for victory in combat, experience levels
 *   queued status messages
 *   progressively more difficult dungeon levels
-*   whatever else I can squeeze in: see TODO, below.
 Dungeons of Ekileugor is written in Commodore BASIC 2.0.  It makes use of
 colour and the Commodore graphics characters, but not of sound effects or a
 you would like to see your final score (to see if you have beaten your
 personal record, for example), after the game ends, type:
-    ?au,dl,xl
+    ?au,dl,xp,xl
 This will display the amount of gold you accumulated, the dungeon level
 you died on, the experience points you accumulated, and the experience level
 *   `yucca` from the [yucca distribution][]
 *   `petcat` from the [VICE][] distribution
+`yucca` is only used to remove the `REM` statements, and to statically check
+that the program is not jumping to an undefined line number.  You could
+instead use `grep` to remove the `REM`s and blank lines.
 Run ` test` to start the game in `xvic` immediately after building.
-Run `MINI=yes` to build the MINI version of the game.
 [yucca distribution]:
 decided to concentrate on it, and save the FULL version for some potentially
 mythical sequel.
-Really, this project was undertaken mostly just as an excuse to use the word
-"Ekileugor" in the title (have you figured it out yet?)
+So, yeah, basically this game turned out to be "how much of a classic
+roguelike can I stuff into an unexpanded VIC-20?"  I was originally thinking
+of writing it in assembly, with the Ophis assembler, but I suspected that
+that would not be much more space-efficient, and run speed was not a primary
+concern.  Some parts of the code could probably be done in less space with
+strategic machine code, but I don't know if it would shave enough off the
+size to permit adding any new, significant features.  (Currently, after the
+program has ended, `?FRE(0)` will report that there are around 14 bytes of
+free memory available, which is pretty darn close to nothing.)
+But really, this project was undertaken mostly just as an excuse to use the
+word "Ekileugor" in the title (have you figured it out yet?)