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-syntax: regexp
 syntax: glob

File bin/ekileugor.prg

Binary file added.
 mkdir -p bin
 yucca -R -x src/ekileugor.bas > src/ekileugor.yucca.bas || exit $?
 petcat -w2 -o bin/ekileugor.prg -- src/ekileugor.yucca.bas || exit $?
-rm -f src/ekileugor.cpp.bas src/ekileugor.yucca.bas
+rm -f src/ekileugor.yucca.bas
 ls -la bin/ekileugor.prg
 if [ "x$1" = "xtest" ]; then
   xvic bin/ekileugor.prg

File src/ekileugor.bas

 rem dungeons of ekileugor
-rem conceived august 2012, chris pressey, cat's eye technologies
+rem conceived august 2012, implemented september 2012,
+rem chris pressey, cat's eye technologies
 rem i,j       : temporaries (loops)