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File README.markdown

 *   random generation of reasonable dungeon levels, with rooms and passages
 *   the contents of rooms are not visible until entered
-*   levels populated with monsters, treasure, potions, traps, and stairwells
+*   levels populated with monsters, treasure, potions, chests, traps, and
+    stairwells
 *   monsters persue the hero and engage in combat with hit points
 *   health potions can be collected and quaffed later
 *   experience points for victory in combat, experience levels
 *   progressively more difficult dungeon levels
 *   whatever else I can squeeze in: see TODO, below.
-Dungeons of Ekileugor is written in BASIC.  It makes use of colour and the
-Commodore graphics characters, but not of sound effects or a custom character
+Dungeons of Ekileugor is written in Commodore BASIC 2.0.  It makes use of
+colour and the Commodore graphics characters, but not of sound effects or a
+custom character set.
 Playing the Game
-*   Experience level should increase your ability to hit/damage?
-*   Announce gold or health potion picked up
+*   Announce quaff
 *   character generation with three stats (strength, intelligence, and
 *   multiple weapons and armor (although probably not a real inventory)
-*   chests and secret doors
+*   detecting traps and secret doors
 At one point the plan was to generate MINI and FULL versions of the game
 from the same program source, but this soon began to seem like a fool's

File src/ekileugor.bas

 rem hero can (and does) move
 500 x=hx:y=hy:gosub5:ifc=19thengosub700:goto400
-520 ifc=28thenau=au+int(fnr(20)*(1+(dl/5)))+1:c=32
-530 ifc=65thenpt=pt+1:c=32
+520 ifc=28thenmv=int(fnr(20)*(1+(dl/5)))+1:au=au+mv:m$="gold:":gosub800:c=32
+530 ifc=65thenmv=-1:m$="potion":gosub800:pt=pt+1:c=32
 540 ifc=233thendl=dl+1:gosub7000:goto10
 550 ifc=102thengosub6000:goto500
 560 ifc=86thenm$="dart trap!":gosub640:c=32
+565 ifc=98then670
 570 ifc<>32then400
 580 gosub6:x=x+dx:y=y+dy:c=81:co=6:gosub7:hx=x:hy=y
 585 ifhp>mhthenhp=mh
 660 print"{clr}":end
+rem chest
+670 i=rnd(1):ifi<.2thenc=86:goto560
+672 ifi<.5thenm$="locked":mv=-1:gosub800:goto400
+674 ifi>.9thenc=65:goto530
+676 c=28:goto520
 rem hero attack monster!
 rem ... first, find monster
 6200 m=fnr(4):ifm>0thenforj=1tom:gosub8:gosub6500:next
-rem ... and gold and traps and potions
+rem ... and gold and traps and potions and chests
 6300 j=fnr(3):ifj>0thenfori=1toj:gosub8:c=28:co=7:gosub7:next
 6302 ifrnd(1)>.3thengosub8:c=86:co=1:gosub7
 6304 ifrnd(1)>.5thengosub8:c=65:co=4:gosub7
+6306 ifr%(dr,2)>2andrnd(1)>.6thengosub8:c=98:co=2:gosub7
 rem ... and stairs, if this is that room