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Place this implementation into the public domain.

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 point in a long enough program execution, entirely dependent on the
 capabilities of the hardware and the implementation, where a pixel
 change cannot be correctly stored. The behaviour after this point is
-undefined. *Such **m**icro**c**omputer implementations of Etcha may be
-marketed under the name "MC Etcha".*
+undefined. *Such (m)icro(c)omputer implementations of Etcha may be
+marketed under the name "MC Etcha"*.
 Cat's Eye Technologies provides an implementation of Etcha written in
 the Java[TM] programming language. This implementation attempts to
 pen up/down semantics, but it is the Controller that implements the rule
 that `>>>>` toggles the pen position.
+Cat's Eye Technologies' ridiculously over-engineering implementation of
+Etcha is in the public domain.
 Happy Etchin'!  
 Chris Pressey  
 October 4th, 2009  

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 // Ridiculous over-implementation of the Etcha programming language.
+// I hereby place this work into the public domain.
 // Chris Pressey, Cat's Eye Technologies.
 // $Id: 257 2009-10-04 03:21:43Z cpressey $