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-Version 0.9-PRE "Navy Pier" (current development version):
+Version 0.9 "Navy Pier" (current released version):
 * `py-falderal` now insists that blocks are indented four spaces, as the
   specification says.  It ignores blocks that are not indented.
   it shows a report of all the tests that it did manage to run until that
   point, and a warning message to the effect that not all tests were run.
-Version 0.8 "Ukrainian Village" (current released version):
+Version 0.8 "Ukrainian Village" (previous released version):
 * The reference implementation is now `py-falderal`.
 * Blocks *must* now be indented four spaces.  That Falderal test documents
   it just before loading a "tests" Falderal file which specified the
   functionalities being tested, but not their implementations.
-Version 0.7 "Ogden Avenue" (previous released version):
+Version 0.7 "Ogden Avenue":
 * **Note that this is the final version of Falderal where `Test.Falderal`
   is the reference implementation.**  In subsequent versions,
-Version 0.9-PRE "Navy Pier"
+Version 0.9 "Navy Pier"
 This is the reference distribution of Falderal, a file format for literate
 test suites.  Falderal is particularly suited for: