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Falderal is a framework for writing, running, and formatting "doctest"-like literate test suites for Haskell functions. It is particularly suited for testing and documenting functions which interpret or compile programming languages -- especially esoteric ones.

Here's the situation:

  • You have a Haskell program, formatted in literate Haskell.
  • You have some Haskell functions which take Strings to Strings.
  • You have some unit tests for those functions that you want to present in a nicely readable fashion, possibly included right in the literate Haskell source.

If this describes you, then Falderal might help. The particular need I had that encouraged me to write it is having implemented several esoteric programming languages in Haskell, and wanting to write nicely formatted tests suites for them.

Current Version

The current version of Falderal is 0.1. The API should not be expected to be stable through the 0.x series, however is not expected to change its type signature (it takes a "property list" of options, although no options are currently honoured.)


Falderal development is hosted on BitBucket:

Bugs may be reported (and features requested) on the Issue Tracker:

Official release distfiles may at some point be available through Falderal's project page on Cat's Eye Technologies' website:

For Further Information

Please see the Falderal wiki on BitBucket: