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This is the reference distribution for the esoteric programming language GraNoLa/M.

GraNoLa/M is a programming language in which the directed graph is the only data type. See the file GraNoLa-M.markdown in the doc directory for a more complete description of the GraNoLa/M language.

This distribution also contains an interpreter for GraNoLa/M written in Erlang, as granolam.erl in the src directory.

You need an Erlang compiler at least at language version 4.4 to compile granolam.erl. This program was developed with OTP/R8B, so that is the recommended platform for using it, although more recent versions should work as well.

To build the granolam module, run the script

After the module is built, run the script granolam in the bin directory to start a GraNoLa/M shell.

To run the built-in test cases, start an Erlang shell and run


where N is an integer from 1 to 7.