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Ability to flatten song's blocks into one big block.

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 (Amiga MED module) format.
 Right now they are in a very crude state.  The ultimate goal is to have
-something that converts most of the data in them to cSound format, where
+something that converts most of the data in them to Csound format, where
 they can be cleaned up (consistent panning per instrument, and so forth.)
+Currently, the `` script can dump most of the contents of an MMD0
+file in a nominally human-readable format, and can extract the samples used
+as the instruments.
+As I'm doing this primarily for my own MED tunes, I don't plan to support
+the features of MED that I never personally used, such as synthesized
         for smpl_offset in self.smplarr_offsets:
             self.smplarr.append(InstrHdr(buffer, smpl_offset))
+    def flatten(self):
+        """Turn the event data in the blocks in the song sequence
+        into a list of lists of events, one list of events per track.
+        """
+        numtracks = None
+        for block in self.blockarr:
+            if numtracks is None:
+                numtracks = block.numtracks
+            else:
+                assert numtracks == block.numtracks, \
+                    "blocks have differing numbers of tracks"
+        track = []
+        i = 0
+        while i < numtracks:
+            track.append([])
+            i += 1
+        for block_no in[]:
+            block = self.blockarr[block_no]
+            i = 0
+            while i < numtracks:
+                track[i].extend(block.track[i])
+                i += 1
+        line_no = 0
+        lines = len(track[0])
+        while line_no < lines:
+            track_no = 0
+            print "    ",
+            while track_no < numtracks:
+                s = str(track[track_no][line_no])
+                print s.ljust(18),
+                track_no += 1
+            print
+            line_no += 1
+        return track
     def dump(self):
         print "MMD0 Header"
         print "-----------"
     with open(sys.argv[1], 'r') as f:
         b = Buffer(f)
     m = MMD0(b)
-    m.dump()
+    #m.dump()
+    m.flatten()
     if False:
         for byte in m.smplarr[0].data:
             # upsample to 16-bit for aplay's benefit
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