This repository actually contains two implementations of two different bots written in two different languages. The ongoing idea is that they should be merged into a single bot, called mzstorkipiwanbotbotbot, written in R. This will never happen.

mzstorkipiwanbotbotbot is an IRC bot with no purpose or plan. It supports a small command language (parsed using Lua patterns — clearly the best way to parse anything) in which variables can be defined with nick, server, or channel scope. It requires ncat or some similar tool to connect to IRC.

Rtype is an IRC bot with a difference — it's written in R, the Language of the Future. Also features extensive use of Unicode snowmen → ☃☃☃

Rtype does not require anything extra to connect to IRC. But it also doesn't do nearly as much as mzstorkipiwanbotbotbot does. But there is some potential for a bot written in R to save its state as an R workspace, and thus remember all the nick/server/channel variables between settings.

The source code for both of these bots is in the public domain.

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